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Pawn your car and still drive it.

The Bank It Gold and Diamond Exchange offers a unique service, taking the idea of borrowing money against your vehicle and creating a system where goods equal physical money. A clever solution designed as a way to pawn your car and still drive it, or buy and sell goods of premium value, our professional team has a solution to your needs.

As a responsible lender in South Africa, The Bank It offers competitive prices for all sold and bought goods. With a range of services, there are many ways to get cash in hand when you need it. Whether trading in loose gold and diamonds, jewellery, private vehicles, commercial vehicles or fine watches, our team can appraise and lend accordingly. Offering clients a chance to get money while still being able to use their vehicle, this is a clever way around a commonly seen problem.

Providing a much needed service to South Africa, utilising your assets in this way means that if you have a car you can gain financial advantage. As a company that understands the need for a helping hand, as well as selling and buying assets of these kinds, you the customer can still use these assets while owned by The Bank It. This means your daily routine won’t be interrupted just because you need cash in hand. Being able to pawn your car and still drive it gives you peace of mind in knowing you can still make full use of your vehicle.









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